yugichrist asked:

hey you know those photos of trees where it looks like they have a big round human ASS, that's a tree disease right, what's it called

homohustle answered:

if it’s what I’m thinking of, those are called Burls if you’re murrican or Burrs if you’re from pretty much literally anywhere else

It’s less of a disease in itself and more like a sign of a disease.  Usually fungal infections fuck up the tree growth and cause them

People actually steal them sometimes because some of them are super valuable.  They make really cool looking carved stuff and are really dense.




what the fuck. they just chop the ass right off a tree and sell it to the tree ass black market. that’s brutal

That’s… Yeah, that’s actually pretty accurate.

People have actually been arrested for it and redwood national park gets blocked off at night because people stealing and selling tree ass on the black market is such a big problem

requesting backup for a 376 in process, that’s right we’ve got a tree ass jacker here






Theyre are really trying their hardest to demonize this child


How many of us have weed in our system

Hell, I have weed in my system

I knew they were going to bring this up as a Reason that he is an aggressor.

Since when does marijuana make folks aggressive?

Since when does having marijuana in your system make you a raging criminal

The officer didnt even know that Mike a that in his system

But you see, they waited until the other autopsy was released to expose their own autopsy report

This is so much bullshit. They really are scraping the bottom of the barrel now.

Even if true OR relevant, having weed in your system makes you more likely to chill out than charge through a hail of bullets toward your certain death.

The number of times you click and drag for “Powers” has to be the number you get for “Power Count”. The number of times you click and drag for “Weak Spots” has to be the number you get for “Weak Spots Count”. Enjoy!

Anonymous asked:

it would be weird if we got quake first. mockingbird has been around way longer than her

iminthedance answered:

tell me, is it Daisy Johnson or Bobbi Morse that was a SHIELD agent from her teen years and achieved the highest level of security clearance and served as director of SHIELD when Fury was suspended and deterred Magneto and ultimately served a more crucial role in both SHIELD and the Avengers?

you’re right, it would be weird if we got quake first because she has no romantic affiliation with any of the current avengers and lord knows there can’t be a depiction of a female comic book character unless she’s there to be a love interest.




Yeah, Bobbi’s there to be a love interest. That’s why she’s appearing on a TV show where Clint isn’t even rumoured to appear.

Bobbi’s plenty accomplished. She was one of Fury’s most trusted agents, she has a PhD and reproduced functional super soldier serum for SHIELD right out of grad school, she graduated top of her class from SHIELD academy — she was the best shot there, to the point where she can purposefully shoot someone in the head without killing them, she’s goot enough at undercover and infiltration work to evade groups like AIM and the Skrulls (and the Skrulls are the best pretenders.) Bobbi started her own spy agency when SHIELD no longer existed, she was a founding member of the West Coast Avengers and Captain America himself was hugely impressed by her record.

She and Daisy are also friends, so shitting all over Bobbi for Daisy is, well, not only pointles, but something that Daisy wouldn’t approve of.

And please don’t link to my post when you’re defining Bobbi to be a love interest.

Plus I don’t see why it has to be a race about which character appears in the MCU first? I agree that Daisy would be an awesome addition to the MCU, and I can definitely envision her popping up on the show. But it is also true that more people are probably familiar with Mockingbird since she has been around since 1971. Also, on a much more practical side, Bobbi is probably easier to depict on a TV budget because she doesn’t have any powers.

wow, everyone’s getting really butthurt about all the Bobbi Morse stuff so let me set the record straight: you will find no Bobbi Morse hate on this blog because, as a more obscure female comic book character, she’s already on my faves list and I didn’t mean to suggest that I want Daisy instead of Bobbi, because I am a huge supporter of a Secret Avengers movie/tv show/short/what have you, which, if you’ll all remember, includes both Daisy and Bobbi. 

I was merely saying that I think it makes more logical sense to go for quake first because she has deeper roots with SHIELD, and I wanted to point out the fact that marvel is still majorly exclusive of women and has a hard time finding roles for them if there isn’t a man for her to swoon over.