you know how the central relationship in all action movies seems to be two tough dudes bro-ing it out? well that’s boring. here are some alternatives:

  • two tough chicks bro-ing it out
  • younger woman and older woman who develop a mother-daughter relationship. also kill people
  • triplets.
  • triplet HACKERS
  • a girl, her father, and her father’s scandalously young gay lover. (all of whom are assassins)
  • younger woman and older woman who totally get it on bow chicka bow wow. also kill people
  • sisters, one on a suicidal rescue mission for the other
  • two lady-spies who try to honeypot each other
  • a teenage girl with mysterious powers, and her two boyfriends
  • a middle-aged ex secret service couple suddenly called upon to SERVE THEIR COUNTRY
  • platonic male-female friends who kick ass together and love and depend each other. but no hetero
  • lesbian mercenaries
  • asexual husband-wife duo. they kill their enemies without mercy and cuddle in pools of their blood
  • all-women gang of international thieves. based in hong-kong